Desert …peace.

U2 released “The Joshua Tree” and featured an actual “tree’ on their cover. Obviously they didn’t identify exactly WHICH tree for fear it would be ..harmed. I admire that. An hour or so north of Palm Springs, southern California


“Keep it weird” is Portland, Oregon’s unofficial slogan. I love it and yes, it IS weird. Recently they allowed people to pump their own gas? I assume this had something to do with keeping employment, but odd to me.

Elvis anyone?

(The following was written at a time on the road with a bit “grrr” – but not to be mistaken for the people or experience with them. Just grumpy at the time – I decided to leave it as

Some road in England …

Years back I went to England and Scotland with my (then) girlfriend. She had relatives there (who were awesome), but 2 weeks later I came back home and realized I hadn’t actually seen 1 Beatle thing! I’m a HUGE


“Agnostic” is a good word to get yourself out of an uncomfortable conversation. It sounds “rightly so”, is a ‘title’ or ‘category’ beyond ‘atheist’, but most don’t really understand its meaning – including me. That’s why I use it.

A significant ‘hug’.

She said “34 C” or some such freeway exit into her home in this large U.S. city. (Not the one pictured.) Well, I stupidly take “34- B” by accident and figure “oh well, I’ll just drive another mile or

Hotels Schmotels

On the road for about 5 hours, just inching into “somewhere” Alabama, I pulled over to  ‘spit-in-the-bucket’ corner store under the freeway to get a 6-pack and ask if there were a place to stay. “It’s Sunday! We don’t

To go or not to go. (Would you?)

You are visiting a town or city where a terrible tragedy had taken place days before. Do you go see? Or not. There are two camps on this question. Many would see it as “not a tourist site” and