Two and a half Men

I’d driven through Malibu a few times but never really stopped. I don’t know anybody there. The one time I did stop to check it out, I couldn’t find a parking spot. I pulled into a small “Mall” (Dume?) and thought I’d walk to see the beach. (I didn’t know at the time, but you would need to walk miles and miles IF you could find access.)

Ha! Good luck getting past the private property – despite the fact that the houses do NOT own the beach property in front of their houses. Instead, to keep their privacy they make sure there are very few ‘public access’ points to get to the beach. I understand their desire for privacy, but some, actually go so far as to build FAKE GARAGE DOORS (some, up to 4 in a row) to keep people from parking on the street – which the public has the right to do – but not in front of a garage driveway. Silly little piggies!

Maybe someone has better advice to people who want to experience a Malibu beach but the only thing I can say is enjoy the ‘slow drive’ as you drive through. (Unless you know someone!)