St. Louis!

I hit the road from Kansas City at about 8am, coffee in hand with REAL milk, not that powder crap. (I always buy a small milk pint thing, and sometimes 1 bag of ice, depending on how long a trip I’m doing, and tuck it in there. The bag of ice – if still solid – also works as a ‘sand bag’ to hold my camera tripods down.) Anywho, I had a shoot with a woman just outside of St. louis around 2pm. (Kansas to St. Louis, roughly 4 hours.) Plenty of time for an ‘early check-in’ to my hotel (you have to pre-arrange this, otherwise, kill time until the usual 3pm check-in time for most hotels, some even 4pm!)

We met and shot. And shot. And shot. She was fabulous both professionally and personally, and loved posing for the camera. I loved it too but it was about 110 degrees and I had to call it after 3.5 hours of shooting. As we wrapped up she asked if I was visiting people in St. Louis. “Nope! Never been here!” I say. “Are you travelling with friends or family?” “Nope! Just me.” She was very surprised that people do such things. She said “so, what are you going to do tonight?” Eventually, we agreed to gather for a ‘burger and beer’, myself, her, and ‘some of her friends’. It should be noted – I do NOT hit on the women – ever. It is completely professional and I actually am a decent guy. (Besides, she was involved with a ‘Special Ops’ dude in the U.S. Army who was deployed in Afghanistan. Nothing to see here folks!)

When I arrived at the pub I met her and her friends – who were also, all GORGEOUS models – whose husbands were military guys. (still nothing to see here folks!) Regardless!

I had a fabulous time, went home, got up the next morning and checked out St. Louis. May seem odd, but to me St Louis was “sweet”. It definitley belongs as one of the ‘best’, yet seems to have been ‘left on it’s own’ to defend. Down by the Arch is a very groovy area with plenty of restaraunts, pubs, etc. , with the inner city being typical – but good. I guess I just think that more money could be shoved their way to help boost this city. You just ‘don’t go’ into certain areas and I get it (but did) and they indeed suck.

I then drove to Kentucky to do it all over again the following day.

No, it’s NOT always like that. Many friends have said “I’m coming with you on your next road-trip!” Well, no, that’s not going to happen. I do what I do ‘solo’ to allow me to do whatever I want, whenever I want. Besides, many would probably be quite bored. For every adventure like St. Louis which does happen occasionally, there are many, many miles of just …driving. Crappy hotels (which I love), and some very inconvenient situations – but all make the road-trip! Not for everybody.