Some road in England …

Years back I went to England and Scotland with my (then) girlfriend. She had relatives there (who were awesome), but 2 weeks later I came back home and realized I hadn’t actually seen 1 Beatle thing! I’m a HUGE Beatles fan!! So, a few years back I decided to do a Beatle pilgramige alone. I went to London and trained up to Liverpool to ‘do it all Bealtes’.

I actually went to Abbey Road over 3 days to get this shot (above). It’s approximately the same time of day, close to ‘the same day’, etc. (Wadda geek!)

It was EMI studios in the early years but after the success of ‘Abbey Road’ they changed the name. To the left of this famous ‘shot’ are the actual EMI / Abbey Road studios. This is where they recorded (almost) everything from “Love me do” (actually, “Saw her standing there”) to “The end”, which is why they renamed the studios. If you go, YOU MUST take a big, felt marker to write on the wall. (Trust me on this.)


Liverpool? (I love this shot – and yes, it’s mine.) John and Paul’s childhood homes (incluidng Menlove Ave) where they wrote the bulk of their first 2 albums, are you kidding me? WOW!  Cavern Club. Strawberry Fields, Penny Lane, wagga! (All of it very ‘simplistic’ and ‘real’. No big neon signs or anything.)

You REALLY SHOULD book tours of their homes in advance as it’s a small group of people shuffled daily – so as not to distrub the neighbours! 1755_58248192104_3310_nAs I sat on Lennon’s bed, I let the small group continue on their tour – only to look under his bed to see if any ‘girly’ magazines were left there! Yoko eventually inherited / owned (from his Aunt Mimi) Menlove, and donated John’s Menlove house to “The National Trust” (Historical Society) – one of many things she doesn’t get credit for, whereas McCartney’s childhood home was actually ‘Government owned’ (basically, welfare), and yes, Paul had it a bit rougher than John, growing up – but nothing like George or even worse, Ringo!. Before tearing down Paul’s ‘Tenement’ row house, a person said “hey .. this should stand! It’s Mr.McCartney’s home!”. (Story in itself). They took a survey and came to agreement with the neighbourhood – as long as they (National Trust) treated them with quiet and respect.  They do. They frown upon ‘loners’ travelling to get a shot of the houses – and the actual tour is so much better.

Liverpool. Liverpool is a tough, dangerous city if you’re stupid. But the real locals (Cavern Club district ?) are SO REAL and will get you relaxed and laughing in a second. Such good, real people.