People are funny – #1

I love people (individually). We ALL have our own insecurities, but I bet that many are the same – (if we only had the guts to share them)! This guy had no insecurities, fer sure.

“Fred” was a third generation watermelon farmer in Oklahoma. Third generation!
I’d pulled off the highway for a smoke break and saw this truck and melons and waited for him to come out before taking the pic, as I wanted to talk to him. He was obviously suspicious but I’m quite ‘charming’ and we soon shook hands and he opened up.

His ‘Father’s father’ (Grandpa) came to Oklahoma in the genuine, wild, wild, west. “OKI” at that time (late 1800’s to early 1900’s) was BAD. It was where all of the outlaws (train robbers, bank robbers, but also rapists, murderers,) came to, to escape the law. “The law didn’t much come into Oklahoma. It was free for them.” he told me. In other words, it was a ‘fence-less’ prison in which you were on your own. (Nice thought.) His Dad apparently, actually knew and sold watermelons to Jessie James and his gang.
With a tip of the hat he begged a ‘good day’, closed the door and dusted his way out of my life.

Camera in hand, I stood slack-jawed, …”but wait .. wait … ‘fist pump’?? No?
Do these people realize how valuable they are?