Not meeting Tom Petty! (This is really just dumb filler.)

Christmas came upon me like a …. (sorry, can’t think of the proper adjectives).

I had had a LONG drive trip (#4 through Florida) but purposely timed it for Gainesville, Fla, home of Tom Petty, just because I wanted to say “I’d been”.

Gainesville is Northern Florida and subject to ‘cold’ in December, not like southern Miami, etc. It’s also quite small – which was perfect. As I checked in the young gent took my I.D. and said something tantamount to “what brings y’all to Gainesville?” I gleefully said “I’m here to meet Tom Petty!” He drawled ..”well, ah doan think he’s here.. this time of year Probably in L.A.?!” I laughed and said “I’m sure … do you know where he is?”

“Here’s your key card sir ..complimentary breakfast starts at 7am” (Waffles! Yum!)

I never met Tom Petty but it was cool to see the town, house, and neighbourhood from which he sprang. Sometimes that’s enough.

But here’s a picture of a swamp.