“If you look for it .. you’ll see it.”

It happens every time.

I get 2 or 3 days into a road-trip. Day 1, I am still a bit freaked about ‘where I have to be’, ‘where I am’, and ‘looking over my shoulder’ (after the usual, 12 hour madness of travelling through airports and customs the entire day before). Day 2, I am focused on what’s ahead and freeway exits.

By day 3, I am in a different world.

I start to actually ‘see’ things around me, and then I have what I call “a collision of emotions”.  This means that all the shit I may have been dealing with before, combined with the excitement of the ‘newness’ of my adventure, combined with the general reshuffling of priorities in my brain – all clash at one point. It can result in a tear. (I’ve actually shed a tear over a duck!)

You can “look” for stories but the real gems come when you just allow your mind to relax, let go of useless thoughts, useless people, worry, insecurity, etc. Keep it open, and appreciate little things. Things will come to you – if you allow them to. There is, to me, an odd mixture of life and attitude, and something else that you can’t explain. A road-trip demands a positive, somewhat careless, all-accepting attitude and patience. Once that gets ‘spanked’ into you after day 3, then hopefully you’ll notice the strange magic. The ‘feeling’.

This, in a small airport. This wonderful couple obviously ‘get it’. For life. Lucky.