“Load up on guns, bring your friends.” – Kurt Cobain

If you were near Aberdeen, Washington you MAY want to go see the childhood home of Kurt Cobain. I say ‘may’, because I’m not going to suggest you book the family for a 2 week ‘fun’ stay in this little town.  (It smells like more than just teen spirit – sorry, couldn’t resist.) No waterparks. But I don’t mean to be mean and they’re very nice people and the road food at The Blue Beacon was awesome. If you’ve seen the Cobain docu “Montage of Heck”, there’s a story his mother tells where Kurt asks if he could put on a cassette of his band’s latest master recordings. (This took place in the house pictured above). His mom listened to the first 30 seconds and gave Kurt a look of fear. She said she wasn’t afraid of the music, but said, ”Oh my. Everything is going to change.” ‘Nevermind’ obviously made him an instant millionaire, and did indeed change everything.


2 hours up the road is Seattle where he bought this house. This is where he, Courtney, and daughter Francis lived. It’s in a spiffy part of the city, down by the water – but not ostentatious or anything. A pretty, quiet, tree–filled, windy roads kinda area. This is also where he was found after putting gun to head, in a shed in the back (which has since been removed). The current owners keep the large wooden gate closed (obviously), but leave the little tribute park and bench to exist immediately next to the house. In the 15 minutes I was there, there must have been 2 people every 5 minutes coming by to take a pic, (in the dead of December between Christmas and New Years).


I’ve had a couple of people tell me they want to take that same ‘Cobain trip’ and I understand, but it can be a depressing little experience, for your own reasons.