Anyway, a penny and a bug.

Do you wanna hear a story of ‘a penny and a bug’? (Long story … ya sure?)


I woke up in the Appalachians in western, North Carolina. (I’m from the Pacific Northwest, north of Seattle so I’m a long way from home.) Shifting gears, coffee in hand around 8AM.

Anyway. Having no agenda I actually looked at a map and saw “Kitty Hawk” is in N.C.! (I didn’t really know either, but it’s where the Wright Brothers first tried “powered flight” which invented airplanes and jets landing on the Moon a mere 60 yrs. later. I sort of knew that … ummm.) T’was AWESOME!!

Anyway, I decided to drive from the far western mountains, across the entire state to end up at the eastern tip, in Kitty Hawk area. North Carolina is not that large but it does touch the Atlantic and the last few miles west consist of bridges, etc. As I drove the 5 or 6 (or was it 8) hours, a storm rolls over. Now again, being from the other side of the continent, I’m used to rain storms, BUT!!! There’s a reason they call their hockey team “The Hurricanes” despite the lack of currency held in their hearts including the front desk clerk in Raleigh who had no idea what I was talking about. But anyway, Wow! They (police, State troopers) had to routinely wave us all from the major highway through the odd “small town” as the highway was flooded. Not actual ‘hurricane’, but yes, there were 2 casualties that day. (Imagine your closest freeway at rush hour being diverted through your local Walmart parking lot.)

Anyway, I finally arrive at “the outer banks” (Atl ocean.) which is where Kitty Hawk is located (an ..’area’ on a large sandbar housing 4 or 5 small towns’?), with main purpose to get a cool T-Shirt, thinking “well, I’ll just bed down someplace tonight and wait out the storm”.



WRONG! ALL of the accommodations booked! (Some local football game or something!) I ended up sitting in a parking lot, pouring rain, 9PM at night, stealing WI-FI on dying laptop from the parking lot of a Holiday Inn or something, desperate to find something .. anything! I ended up finding a place, “condo” at $350 for the night. I hit “send”.

When I arrived, it was (obviously) a gated community and I now had to explain through outside protective glass in a torrential storm to the young Russian girl, that I apparently had just paid $350 for the last room in town. (To edit this), “ain’t gonna happen” but she was very helpful in getting me into another, last, ‘hotel’ at about $175 or something. I thanked her muchly, as she printed my confirmation all out in Russian. It’s now about 10:30pm. Storm still blowin’.

Anyway, 2 hours later I arrive at the (inland) town to the “New York stock exchange” of yelling, desperate folk in 1 small hotel lobby! The manager (older, tough woman) yells “WE HAVE NO MORE ROOM – ONLY IF YOU HAVE A RESERVATION!” Most of the well-meaning sheppards groaned, took their goats and parted their ways. But as I actually DID have a reservation (in Russian), to which she expression’d “What the fuck is this?”, but eventually matched the numbers to confirm my last room –  just as another family came in.

He, her, and child, (kinda like Jesus and Mary except one already in tow ..) As desk-Marshall was about to bellow “NO ROOM AT THE INN”, I said to her “wait, wait …” I pulled ‘Dad / carpenter’ aside and said “this is gonna sound weird, but trust me … there is NOWHERE else to stay for the night. I have no problem sharing …”. He, soaking, hat in hand, (looking like Elvis’ dad. or an extra from the original ‘Grapes of Wrath’.) Anyway, they talked it over, Mom, Vern, kids get bed – (me on floor, and yes, you would also do that). “Vern” and I went out and got some burgers while they cleaned up. Nicest guy.

At some point that night while they got ready for bed, I stepped out for a beer and smoke and saw this bug. Then I put a penny beside it and took a pic. Posted pic on Facebook (without stupid long story) and most people said “EEEwww!!!”.

Anyway, the penny gave it ‘perspective’ which is my favourite word. Then I thought how odd that I would wrap this day up with ‘perspective’ being reduced to a penny and a bug, and I just came for a T-shirt.

Anyway, I just like the pic.