In a graveyard in Savannah, Geo.

The other half of this site is “women”, as I combine road-trips with shoots of women.

I’ve been to Savannah 2 (maybe 3) times. I absolutely love it. I love the people, the ‘city’ (small, but LOTS to do), I love the area. I also love the ‘outer banks’ which has Tybee. Tybee is a special little place many people probably miss. It’s an ocean front, “hippy”, artsy-fartsy (but rich) area. VERY friendly Georgonians! (IF that’s a word.) YES, Georgia, USA DOES indeed touch the coast!

So, I meet my model at a McDonald’s parking lot. Both of us smoking – before we meet the other – to pretend we don’t smoke. Does it get any better than that?

SHE, just perfect! NICE woman, fun woman, gorgeous, ‘unique’ woman.


As I am the visitor I have to get the model to choose the outdoor location. She chooses a graveyard. (Getting better!) We would take “A/C Breaks” every 20 minutes or so due to the temperature which would melt planet Mercury. (She, sits in her car with Air Conditioning full-blast, me, in mine.)

At the end (2 hours later), I said “Hop up on that tomb!” She did with that devilish smile. JUST then, the FAMILY of the tomb with gal spreading in bikini, sizzling herself atop their DEAD RELATIVE arrives in a group of 8 or 9 elderly people. (Honest!)

An 80+ female family member was the only person who had the balls to comment LOUDLY, “You’re not supposed to be doing that!” My model and I waved and smiled and continued. After the third “interruption” I turned and lied, “we have permission!” As you can imagine, they being ‘family’ – me, road-trip, 3 day’s growth, sweating like a pig with my camera pointed at a woman in a bikini, spreading her body like a tarantula….

I recommend Savannah!