“China Grove! Whoa ho!”

But not this one above! This one is in N. Carolina. Just thought I’d throw that pic in to grab attention. HOWEVER,

I was only 20 minutes away from the REAL Doobies’ inspired song – town, which is just outside of Houston, Texas (below). I set my GPS for ‘China Grove’. At some … ‘intersection’ in the middle of nowhere .. no gas station, McDonalds … nothing except a used tire shop and a closed plant shop, my GPS said “You have arrived at your destination!” Whaa ??? Here’s the only pic I could get of anything that said “China Grove”. (Sorry, but ‘drive-by shot’. You’ll have to squint above the “Church of” to see.)


I wasn’t disappointed, just a bit surprised considering billions of people know of “China Grove” from the song. Actually, I laughed as these are the kinds of surprises that pop up when on the road. Loved it! (Even a T-Shirt store “I’ve been to China Grove” would probably make a few bucks!)

Now, I should probably end this there, except …


Just outside of China Grove is this diner. I pulled in for a bite. I sat in a corner booth with an older ‘cow-poke’ in the booth behind me. He was on the phone. He was obviously talking to a woman, trying to ‘court her’. The only problem was, “Ol’ Sugar Daddy” was obviously talking to a much younger women whom he’d never met. As my ‘green eggs and ham’ was placed before me, I all of a sudden was losing my appetite ..rather quickly. Imagine slurping runny eggs while “Big Bucko” is going on about “lick you into Heaven like a big ol’ lollipop ..heh heh heh ..” (cough, hack).

OK, enough of that. So… yeah. The REAL China Grove is very, VERY small.