“Another silly little convo”

Again, the other half of this site devoted to my photography of women, thought I’d tippy into that area as there are some funny stories there as well.

I won’t divulge any personal info about them (as they are real people with real lives, families, careers, etc., and this interweb is full of dastardly villans), suffice it to say that we did a shoot “in the South” – which is moot, as I’m from Canada …

Anyway, she, daughter of an actual ‘Storm Chaser’ originally from Kansas (now living elsewhere), had been brought up in the dusty ‘Tornado Alley’ where ya don’t git much attention. She decided to strike out on her own at a very young age, and she’s very grown up and independent – and should be proud. (Great person.) But, despite her perfect, innocent looks – you could tell she wouldn’t take shit from no-one, no-where, no-how. (‘Good guys’ do NOT finish last.) We got along great.

Our original location for a shoot was not available on that day, so we had to scout out another location (Very rare situation, but she was such a good ‘sport’ about it.) ¬†We took my car as opposed to both cars (and I had never been to her city before, not knowing where I was). We found a great spot and shot for about two hours. She was PERFECT in class, composure, and professionalism.

During the drive back we got to talking and she told me of her (rather odd) up-bringing including Dad the Storm chaser, and the fact that she was totally into guns! (Take another look at her pic. Guns?). Okee Dokee! I said “Oh, you should’ve brought one! We could have used it in one of the shots!” She picked her purse up from the car floor and reached into it.

“What makes ya think I didn’t?”

(Did I mention she was lovely?)