“Agnostic” is a good word to get yourself out of an uncomfortable conversation. It sounds “rightly so”, is a ‘title’ or ‘category’ beyond ‘atheist’, but most don’t really understand its meaning – including me. That’s why I use it.

MY interpretation is 3 fold. “Yes, I DO believe, but my mind could be changed”. “No, I DON’T believe, but my mind could be changed.” (We’re talking science versus God(s) and the unknown here.) Or my favourite, “I don’t know, we’ll find out, and I don’t care right now”. I really, honestly don’t and I do not have to be pressured into a ‘them or us’ head-wrestle in the schoolyard decision because “Wow! I’m a big boy now! who (currently) doesn’t need diapers” and doesn’t need to justify himself to anyone. The ultimate fence sitter – and I’m just fine with that, with this.

One of the things I LOVED about Roswell, New Mexico was just that. They, being “Southern”, I guess have an obligation to a faith, yet have made mega-bucks from the ‘question’ of creation versus ..ummm .. (an ‘accident’?)  And good for them!

As I drove down from Albuquerque to Roswell (4 hours), I couldn’t help but notice many ghost towns. I asked someone “depression?” They said “no actually, they’ve been that way for years”. (Well, haven’t we ALL! DUH!!) Yet, way in the middle of the desert plains is this little town Roswell, which has TONS of visitors, and they do it well. Oh sure, I found myself ordering a “chicken lunch bucket to go” from a green alien’s mouth, but ya know .. that happens.

Col Probe

Anywho, more on Roswell at a later time. Just wanted to plant the seed of thought if you were thinking of going. This might cross your mind. Or your bed with Gideon’s. Or not.