A “blinding” snow-storm in Minnesota one night ….

I decided to not let the weather win and go for a walk to a pub one night, to help fuel their local economy (as this is the kind of person I am you see)! I came to a large intersection in St. Paul, Minnesota (2 or 3 lanes every direction).

NATCH’, beside me at the intersection, is an actual blind man, cane in hand, “out for a walk” (??) I’ve learned that you don’t just grab their arm but first ask “can I help you?” The elder gentleman was appreciative of the offer, so I took his arm and we started off at one of them irritating, ‘beeping of magpies’ to signify “North South”, or whatever. (Where do people learn this stuff?)

Turns out the dude was quite a cool and talkative guy! He gave great conversation as we traversed the odd lump of slush, (some not even not asking for change – har, sorry). SO MUCH SO that I forgot he couldn’t see! I walked him face-first, directly into a snowbank pushed up by the snow ploughs. “I’m SO sorry!” as I felt this desperate tug on my arm at the last second. “What the Christ! .. Could’ve done that myself!” Those were the last words I heard …spewed from him…. (I mean .. what could I say..)

Anyway, St. Paul is a lovely town! I went there because I actually felt sorry for it being part of the “Twin Cities”, when in fact, Minneapolis currently has the NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB, blah blah blah. (How does THAT translate to a shared “twin city” economy?) Heck! May as well walk a blind man into a snow bank. But St. Paul doesn’t need my pity. It’s really a very cool town, had a great time and I’d go back in a sec.! Happy folk! – except possibly for this one guy..