In a graveyard in Savannah, Geo.

The other half of this site is “women”, as I combine road-trips with shoots of women. I’ve been to Savannah 2 (maybe 3) times. I absolutely love it. I love the people, the ‘city’ (small, but LOTS to do),

“China Grove! Whoa ho!”

But not this one above! This one is in N. Carolina. Just thought I’d throw that pic in to grab attention. HOWEVER, I was only 20 minutes away from the REAL Doobies’ inspired song – town, which is just

People are funny – #1

I love people (individually). We ALL have our own insecurities, but I bet that many are the same – (if we only had the guts to share them)! This guy had no insecurities, fer sure. “Fred” was a third