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Does anybody actually read ‘ABOUT’ tags unless they have a problem with the site?

Well YOU did / are, and that makes you special! (I’ll make it easy.)



It really is what it says. I’m just a guy who takes road-trips in his spare time. (I do have a  full-time job.) I also do shoots with women along the way. Although ‘the road’ is my first priority, I take pride in capturing the class and dignity of the women I have done shoots with, as well as the people and stories I meet along my journeys (despite my ‘cussin’). My stories, images, tips, etc., are all for entertainment purposes only.


My site has tons of ‘freebees’ and this has all been on my own dime (which obviously I can’t keep doing) but as a sincere ‘thank you’ to a 5 – 8 buck contribution, you can pick any women’s page(s) which will give you download access to the entire shoot of that page. (Usually 2 different outfits, between 100 to 200 or more, images.) If you feel REALLY generous, you can contribute 5 bucks on the ‘Roads’ page to help me with gas or better, a beer! (It’s just good karma.) Oh, did I mention NO LOG-INS, USERNAMES, PASSWORDS (to forget),  ADS, BANNERS, SURVEYS, or POP-UPS,  either? (Despite the obligatory 18+). Best deal on the interweb!


Har! Please forgive the odd, blur, dark, smudge, noise, etc. I’m NOT a professional photographer and I won’t insult them!. But I’m getting better. A little better all the time. There are always different challenges when doing shoots on the road, (but no excuses). I choose the majority of the women being 40-ish and up. (Note* – the ‘downloads’ are actual full ‘shoots’ –  not a ‘best of’ and may include warm-ups, similar shots, and out-takes.) They are the real deal. I could choose my favourites, but that’s your choice not mine. Some of my road-trip shots are literally with camera balanced on my arm as I drive by, shooting ..road-trip images as they should be!

Wanna play with my pics? Memes? Cool!  I’d LOVE to see your work!  SEND HERE with “ART” in the subject! Your artwork might be used for promotional material – just so you know.



As the majority really are genuine ‘fab, 40-ish and up’, some amateur mothers, wives, single, working, execs etc., others successful models, my top priorities are their privacy and respect. No, I won’t give ANY personal information on the women or their location because they are real people with real lives, jobs, families, etc. which could be compromised. Regardless, the women are models. The shoots are lined up in advance. They are hired through legitimate model websites and agencies.

(“I want to be a model on this site.”)

If you or someone you know is interested in modelling for the site, please  contact me here  with “MODEL” in the subject line, and you will receive info. Experience preferred but not necessary, however a positive attitude is always welcomed! ‘Timing and location’ are key, (but not necessarily a problem).

Yes, I WILL have my lawyers (and theirs) go after ANY misrepresentation, illegal postings, etc.

No shit. Got it?     

(Please alert me here if you see my images posted on other sites, and thanks in advance.)

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To be honest I’d rather share some of the oddities of life’s moments on the road or street tips such as, “what do I do if I find myself out of gas, late at night in a bad part of a strange, big, bad city?”. (Head for the tallest buildings!) Fun stuff like that. Stuff that I’ve encountered and either did – or wish I did! I’m no expert, but I’ve traveled a few roads and you may find something that comes in handy. I have no desire to write about “the best baked beans are found at Franco’s..”. A road-trip should be the ups and downs and you take it as it comes enjoying it all, but there are some things that you can keep in mind which may help you avoid situations, while still enjoying the thrill of the unknown. (Results may vary.)



When it comes to ‘people’, we get weird in groups for some reason. Wolf pack? “Panicky, unpredictable, and dangerous” said Tommy Lee Jones. ” A person is good!”  How true. Personally, I love meeting people (face to face) and that’s why I love to road-trip when I can, even just to get perspective through another’s eyes. I don’t avoid cities or groups, I just find individuals more fascinating. I just started doing this a few years back but found that I had all of this “stuff”, so I decided to share it with you, ‘people’. My own ‘art exhibit’ if I can say that.

I honestly never planned to do a ‘site’, but here we are. I’m sincere when I thank you for visiting. If you ‘get it’ then think of it as ‘our site’, not some “big fat, piggy” corporation’s. It’s not. It’s honestly just your appreciation, and yes, clicks, contributions, and sharing which will keep this site going and improving.

Not to preach to you, but take inspiration from my ‘trips and shoots’. Life is a journey not a destination. Do what you want to do, but enjoy the road as you go, and be good to people. Walk a mile in their shoes. You never know where they may take you.


We can do this.